Manufacture custom parts

Plastic boiler is a production technique to create parts that met your requirements. ICM Industrie choose the best method, handmade or industrial, reflective of your project. Manufactured thermoplastic parts have various applications :

  • Protection covers
  • Containers, tanks
  • Technical cupboards, boxes, chests
  • Laboratory equipments
  • Mechanical parts

Manufacturing process : step by step

Upon receipt your plan, ICM Industrie technical teams analyze the best method to produce

  • CAD System: We carry the program for CNC machines
  • TEMPLATE : We manufacture the wooden template for forming
  • CHOICE OF MATERIAL : Our expert teams help you choose the suitable plastic material (depending of process, temperature, atmosphere, containers)
  • METHODS : by CNC machining, hot forming in heat chamber
  • ASSEMBLY : FINISHES : cutting, hot bending, drilling, recoveries, polishing, gluing, screwing, welding, (…) sub assemblies
  • DELIVERY : immediately delivered right from the time that parts are finished by our carriers. Make you benefit from the best delay !