ICM Industrie, plastics and composites supplier

Wholesaler of plastic materials, we sell all semi-finished products you need before industrial processing. ICM Industrie delivers : thermoplastics, thermosettings and other composite materials according to your dimensions.

  • Supports : plates (rigid and flexible), tubes, rushes, sheets and plastic films
  • Types of plastics : Plexiglass, Polystyrene, expanded PVC, soft and rigid, white and colored… ABS, POM, PEHD, PEEK, PTFE… Contact us for more information

A very large stock of plastic raw materials

ICM Industrie supply a very large stock of thermoplastics, thermosets and other composite materials :

  • 3500 m² Total storage area
  • 150 tons of plastic and composite materials
  • 100 product families
  • 1-8 sets of colors by product
  • All sizes, shapes and thicknesses

Express delivery


We can deliver you within extremely short deadlines. Our workshops of cutting, planing and grinding are available to provide the material in the required format.



ICM Industrie delivers you the desired material according to your dimensions : thermoplastic, thermosetting plastic or other composite materials.

  • Cut-to-measure from all surfaces : plastic, hard and soft sheets, tubes, sheets and plastic films
  • Cut-to-measure of all plastic materials : Plexiglass, Polystyrene, Polypropylene, foamed PVC, soft and rigid, white and colored, ABS, POM, PEHD, PEEK, PTFE…

We adjust all formats to your request, thanks to several digital large format saws and a strong capacity.

  • Plate : up to 120 mm thick
  • Rush : up to 400 mm diameter (band saw)
Bandeau rectification centerless

A large stock of rectified rushes is available :

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We can reduce the thickness of the plate and look for flatness according to your request.

Plastic GRINDING Centerless

The distribution center based in Thyez is specialized in rectification of plastic rushes.

  • Diameter: 3 to 80 mm
  • Standard tolerance : H10. Tighter tolerances on request, with specific surface finish.

A large stock of rectifiied rushes is available
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