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ICM Industrie, group of 5 plastic outsourcing companies

ICM Industrie is a multidisciplinary group expert in machining of all plastics and composites. ICM Industrie was formed by the combination of several subcontracting companies with a common activity, the machining of thermoplastic and thermoset materials.

ICM Industrie becomes a leading plastic subcontractor: a positive change to better serve clients

Affiche employés usineur plastique et composites

To enhance the customer service, all the strengths of each group’s company were collected and unified in order to bring you :

– More comprehensive answers, more relevant and effective actions thanks to an expanded service offering
– Our teams are trained on new products and industrial requirements, the best of our technical skills through for your specifications.

With 6 production sites in France, ICM Industrie is able to respond to any type of application on various industrial markets and on specific advanced sectors such as Aeronautics / Space, Defence and Medical