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Expert en usinage de pièces plastiques pour l’aéronautique

ICM Industrie is expert in machining for high-tech markets. We develop technical parts from plastics and composites materials specially adapted  to the requirements of the most famous leading aircraft manufacturers.

Materials : Peek, Meldin, FR5, FR4, PTFE, Teflon, PEI Ryton R4 PSU (natural or charged)

All kind of tailor-made hardware composants : all dimension, few millimeters and large size parts, intended to be incorporated into:

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AS Certification

ICM Industrie is the favored supplier of many aeronautics contractors focused on performance and productivity.

A major part of our production is regulary destined to aeronautics, spacial and defence markets.

By ICM Industrie, each manufacturing part is :

  • verified in accordance with your specifications 
  • examined in laboratories best-full equipped with  tridimensional technology to ensure precisely the conformity of the parts produced

ICM Industrie’s benefits

  • We are actively involved in supply chain
  • We favorise carefully listening to our customers’ needs to offer the best of our expertise
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