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25 years experience in plastic machining for defence market

ICM Industrie works in close collaboration with the biggest contractors of the Defense market.

ICM Industrie manufactures plastic composants and plastic parts for military applications.
Member of Eden*, a French Defence and Security cluster opened up on last cutting edge of technology.

ICM Industrie respects confidential projects. Production sites are certified ISO 9001 et AS 9100.

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Plastic parts in all sizes for military applications

ICM Industrie, your specialist in custom precision machining from all king of  pipelines: thermoplastics, thermosets, composite materials
PEEK, Meldin, FR5, FR4, PTFE, Teflon, PEI, Ryton R4, PSU, …

All sizes: micro, medium, large finished parts.

ICM Industrie's expertise

Quality and high tech expertise  in serve of our customers  :

  • Best quality work
  • Respect of your wishes
  • Wide range of plastics and composites
  • Framework contracts in military sector
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