Plastic and composite machining for railway industry

We have strong partnerships with the biggest railway contractors since many years as plastic and composite spare parts maker. Our custom-made products and our components are integrated in train, tramway, subway and also on border way.

Thanks to our constant technology watch, we always produce plastic and composite spare parts in conformity with the newest railway norms.


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Our strenght : custom-made plastic and composite spare part machining

We make any size of spare parts : from small ones of few millimeters to high size products of many meters, from prototypes to mass production.

Materials usually used in the railway industry :

  • Thermoplastics : POM, PA6, PEEK, PMMA
  • Thermosets : bakelite wood, mica, epoxy…
  • Insulating materials
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ICM Industry forces

  • The regular quality of raw materials
  • The high quality of manufacturing
  • An always renewed production equipment
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