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High-precision machining

The medical sector requires high-precision and a very tight tolerance.

Our machine park is equipped with the latest generation of CNC machines. Experienced for 30 years in high technical parts machining, we produce all component for medical equipment integration. Your plan receipted, we validate together the setting work until the manufacturing process.

Our expertise in high-precision plastic machining for medical field enables us to manufacture:

  • micro parts with a operating distance of few millimeters
  • Perfect transparency parts
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ICM INDUSTRIE, expert in medical plastics

  • 100% transparent materials 
  • Specific thermoplastic materials applications : Peek, PPSU Radel® medical PTFE, PMMA …
  • Plastics parts polished
  • Compliance of tight tolerances

Plastic components for medical equipment


  • medical bed
  • medical instrumentation
  • medical equipment and devices
  • medical imaging
  • analysis
  • surgery
  • orthopedics
  • medical connectors
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