chaudronnerie plastique pvc

Plastic boiler making requires a very technical know-how:

  • Hot bending, plastic welding, thermoforming, UV gluing, silicone, engraving, marking.

 The thermoplastic parts manufactured have a variety of applications:

  • Cowling, protective parts
  • Transparent or opaque protective covers, custom-made technical cases
  • Retention bins, tanks, food dispensers
  • Technical cabinets, boxes, chests
  • Transparent or opaque laboratory equipment
  • Mechanical parts

Upon receipt of your plan, we apply an optimization process for the realization of your part:

Thisisengineering Raeng CAO

We produce the program for NC machining

cintrage plastique

We manufacture the wooden jig for forming


Our teams trained in material specifics help you to choose the right material (process, temperature, atmosphere, containers).

défonceuse à commande numérique

By machining the material on a CNC router or by hot forming in an oven.

pliage à chaud

Cutting, hot bending, drilling, reworking, polishing, gluing, screwing, welding, assembly of sub-assemblies.


Immediate dispatch as soon as the manufacturing process is completed anywhere in France and abroad via our network of transporters so that you can benefit from the best lead times.