chaudronnerie plastique pvc

Plastic boiler making requires a very technical know-how:

  • Hot bending, plastic welding, thermoforming, UV gluing, silicone, engraving, marking.

Thermoplastics products have a number of different application:

  • Capsizing, protection components ;
  • Transparent or opaque protective cap, custom-made technical bags ;
  • Retention bin, tanks, food distributor ;
  • Technical cabinet, boxes, cases, safe ;
  • Transparent or opaque laboratory equipment ;
  • Mechanical components.

Once we receive your plan, we are executing an optimization process in order to realize your part:

Thisisengineering Raeng CAO

CAO – Carrying out the program for machining CN

cintrage plastique

GABARIT – We are producing template in wood and/or in plastic for the moulding


SELECT MATERIAL – Our trained teams help you to select the most suitable material (process, temperature, atmosphere)

défonceuse à commande numérique

MANUFACTURING PROCESS – By machining material on a numeric pad ripper or by hot forming in a heat proofer.

pliage à chaud

ASSEMBLING – Cutting, hot bending, drilling, re-machining, polishing, collage, screwing, welding, assembling subset.


DELIVERY – Immediate shipment, thanks to our carrier network we offer very good delays at the end of the production everywhere in France and abroad.